Cross-Country Freight, C.R. England Multi-Modal Services, and You

Cross-Country Freight Services

When your local goods need cross-country attention, you need a carrier that can go the distance. Do you need Freight Shipping Services in Los Angeles? Salt Lake City? Chicago? Florida? Essentially anywhere else in the continental United States? Let C.R. England’s Multi-Modal Services be your placeholder for cross-country freight in your neighborhood.

C.R. England’s Cross-Country Multi-Modal Freight Services

At C.R. England, we provide various transportation and logistics services, including Dedicated trucking, Intermodal services, OTR/Cross-Border services, logistics solutions, and more! Say goodbye to leveraging multiple carriers to get the job done, and say hello to a one-stop-shop for all your freight needs.

C.R. England invests in innovative technologies for both drivers and office staff alike. Route-optimization tools, tracking, and communication, enhance the efficiency and transparency in our shipping services. While we’ve been in business for over 100 years, we’re not living in the dinosaur ages! You can count on seamless, and easy transport for your goods.

Award-Winning Service in a Neighborhood Near You

We have the capacity and the service record to get your cross-country freight where it needs to go. From west to east and north to south, we’ve got you covered! For more information about our capacity, routes, service offerings or more, click here!

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