Full Truckload Shipping + You — C.R. England’s Multi-Modal Solutions

In order to thrive in the full truckload shipping and transportation space, we’re reminded of this quote by Winston Churchill:

Everyone can recognize history when it happens. Everyone can recognize history after is has happened; but only the wise man knows at the moment what is vital and permanent, what is lasting and memorable.

At C.R. England, we’ve been in business well over a century. Where other organizations fail to make that threshold, we’re keenly aware of our history and how it’s positioned us where we are today; as a multi-modal freight leader. If you need your freight with a reliable carrier, you can count on us to Deliver Excellence. Keep reading to understand more of our full truckload freight options!


C.R. England’s industry-leading, dedicated expertise delivers customized solutions that expand your transportation footprint. As one of the nation’s largest dedicated fleets, we focus on your business.

We offer Dedicated services that will secure your freight capacity needs with the highest level of service. No matter how you operate, we know how to support you in streamlining your supply chain.

Operating since 1994 and still maintaining key initial customers, our Dedicated fleets can help you Deliver Excellence!

OTR Full Truckload

Our OTR service offering is one of the largest refrigerated transportation solutions in North America. Our team has the capacity and experience to serve every critical need, from routine freight transport to timely surge response. If your cargo requires expedited movement, a climate-controlled environment, or secure transit features, we can Deliver Excellence for you!


As a long-standing Intermodal carrier, we understand that innovation is critical for your rail transportation needs. TempStack, our refrigerated Intermodal solution, delivers trusted, technologically sophisticated services across North America’s railroad and highway corridors.

TempStack container-on-flatcar (COFC) technology double-stacks two high-volume reefer containers on a railroad flatcar. With the most extensive refrigerated Intermodal network in the United States, and real-time load monitoring, TempStack delivers valuable door-to-door solutions for shippers across a diverse range of industries and products. Our Intermodal solutions are ideal for your full truckload and railway freight!

Cross-Border Mexico Freight

C.R. England is well equipped to handle all your freight transportation needs into and out of Mexico. Our team of quality bilingual experts, paired with the latest equipment and innovative technology, makes for seamless trans-national shipping across the US – Mexico border. Offering full-service connection yards at multiple border-crossing points along with tractor and trailer satellite tracking systems, we are dedicated to ensuring that cargo moves across the border safely and without unnecessary delays.

Our Mexican carrier partners are leaders in refrigerated transportation and provide quality service and equipment for every customer.

If quality service is what you expect and need out of your full truckload service provider, learn more about what we offer, or request a free quote today!

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