The C.R. England Story: From Farms to Freeways

C.R. England all begins with a deep family connection — right next to an appetite for driving big rigs and delivering freight in the best way possible. Since 1920 and with over a century of service later, we’re still writing our history today. Take a deep-dive from the drivers seat into how we’ve come to be one of the largest transportation and service providers in the nation.

Roots and Beginnings: 1920-1960

C.R. England was started by a father, Chester Rodney England, and his two sons, Gene and Bill England. While they all had a passion for trucking, their background started in farming in the little community of Plain City, UT. Chester instilled the values of hard work and effort onto Gene and Bill at an early age. Always of an entrepreneur spirit, the early years of C.R. England were held together by the faith of smart choices. Surviving the great depression helped stabilize further proof that C.R. England would be around for the long-haul.

Gene and Bill were enlisted to fight overseas at the outbreak of World War II. While serving honorably, both Gene and Bill still had C.R. England top of mind — selling their cigarette rations to save for trucking operations back home. Upon their decorated return home and having enough saved up, they helped expand the one-truck outfit into a multi-fleet operation specializing in 72 hour service from Idaho, Utah, and California.

Gradual Growth: 1960-1990

Helmed by Gene and Bill, C.R. England stayed consistent in its service offerings and found great gradual growth through much of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Through business savvy skills, completed government applications helped increase our output of service and produce we could haul. With the expansion of major roadways, freeways and interstates, we could deliver excellence at a faster rate.

By the 1980’s our fleet operations had increased to around 180 trucks. This growth was fueled by a transition into the third generation of England family management.

Embracing Change at C.R. England: 1990-2010

With the internet age in full bloom by the 1990’s, C.R. England became an early-adapter of embracing technology in driver communication interface. Think text messaging before it was really a thing! With technology in tow, we saw a massive growth rate of 650% between 1985 and 1995. In 1990, we also began opening CDL schools across the country to assist in an ever-growing need of truck drivers.

By the end of 2010, we continued to further expand our operations by establishing Intermodal Services, Cross-Border/OTR Services, Dedicated Services, the expansion of England Logistics, and more.

Continuing to Deliver Excellence the C.R. England Way: 2010-Present

By 2010, the fourth generation of England family leadership took over the business as primary stakeholders. However, current management frequents many third, fourth, and even fifth generation England family members running the business day-to-day. All current executive staff members are active CDL-holders who run regular routes year-round to be better in touch with our driver base.

In this composite photo, C.R. England family members Josh, Chad, Gene, Zach and TJ England pose for a portrait session Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah. (© 2019 Douglas C. Pizac)

C.R. England has become a “smarter, better, faster” type of operation over the last century. C.R. England is now a nationwide leader in the trucking and transportation industry. To work at C.R. England is to know that belief in quality, hard work, and integrity is a basis for success. We’re continuing to deliver excellence. Will you be along for the ride?

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