Freight Shipping Services — The C.R. England Way to Deliver Excellence

In the world of freight shipping services today, what you need moved to one place or another has a common name; precious cargo. No matter what you’re shipping or needing hauled, peace of mind can be hard to come by. However, Late arrivals, damaged goods, and losing freight altogether can cause major disruptions in what you need done.

Enter C.R. England — an industry leader in the freight and transportation industry with over 100 years of personalized experience. Started as a small operation out of Plain City, UT, we’ve grown to a nationwide carrier with a variable service pallet. If you want ease-of-access with your freight shipping service and other transportation needs, let us take the reigns! Here’s why you can count on C.R. England:

Reputation and Experience

C.R. England is one of the oldest and well-established trucking companies in the United States. With over a century of experience, we know the ups and downs of the industry and can handle a variety of shipping needs.

Diverse Services

C.R. England provides a range of transportation services, including dry van, refrigerated, intermodal, cross-border, over the road, flatbed, dedicated services, and more. This means we can transport different types of freight, including perishable goods, electronics, perishable food, refrigerated freight, and other sensitive cargo.

Large Fleets

At C.R. England, we have a substantial fleet of trucks, trailers, drivers, and office staff to support your freight every step of the way. We can handle large volumes of freight and provide flexibility in scheduling pickups, deliveries, and freight tracking.

Technology and Tracking

Many modern freight carriers, including C.R. England, offer advanced tracking and communication technologies. This allows you to monitor the status of your shipment in real-time, enhancing transparency and ensuring “Safe & On-Time Every Time” deliveries.

Safety and Compliance

Reputable carriers prioritize safety and adhere to industry regulations, and C.R. England is no different. Ensuring your freight is transported safely and in compliance with regulations is crucial to our operations, as we have record-high service and safety scores over the last decade.


At C.R. England, we have operations and a nationwide driver base. This allows you to transport your freight across different regions and state boundaries efficiently and effectively.

Customer Service

Solid customer service is vital in the transportation industry, and being in business since 1920, we realize that we’re nothing without great customers. A reliable carrier should have responsive customer support to address your concerns and provide assistance when needed. At C.R. England, we have many customers that have trusted us with their freight for over 20 years!


While quality of service is crucial, competitive pricing is also a significant factor. At C.R. England, we have the means to transport your freight in ways that matter — saving on cost and reducing energy use.

C.R. England has been the preferred carrier by many consumers for over 100 years. Want to get your freight shipped Safe & On-Time Every Time? Contact us today!

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