Key Safety Principles — C.R. England’s Commitment to Safe Full Truckload Shipping

Full Truckload Shipping

Obstacles. Risks. Danger. What do these things have in common? They can all be avoided or alleviated by proper precautions and exercises in safety. In the full truckload shipping space, safety is paramount because it protects not only the truck drivers, but also pedestrians, infrastructure, and other motorists on the road.

At C.R. England, we’ve adopted a culture of safety in our 100+ years as a business. We’ve been trucking long enough to know what we’re talking about! As a company, we abide by key safety principles that ensure our drivers can operate equipment safely, do their job right, and get home safe and sound. A fully-loaded semi-truck weighs upwards of 80,000 pounds. Safety is critical in that full truckload shipping and arriving where it needs to be Safe & On-Time Every Time.

Our “Key Safety Principles” are as follows:

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Maintain a minimum following distance of 7 seconds when the road conditions are ideal and 14 seconds in the rain or snow.

Use Creep Mode

Never exceed 5 mph in a parking lot, customer dock area, or truck stops.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Only talk on a hands-free device and refrain from texting or engaging in distracting behavior.

Never Impede Traffic

Avoid U-turns on public roadways and only use roadside parking in an emergency.

Safe Lane Changes

Clear your blind spots by slowing down and letting traffic flow out. You should also activate your signals, use your mirrors and gently pull into the other lane for each and every lane change.

Control Truck Speed

Control the trucks’ speed for conditions. Heavy loads and adverse conditions may require you to increase distance and slow speeds.

Avoid Fatigued Driving

Get the necessary sleep your body and mind needs.


Get Out And Look before you back into something you can’t see.

Use 3 Points of Contact

Use three points of contact each time you enter and exit your vehicle, deck plate, and trailer.

Wear Your Safety Belt

Wear your safety belt or net every time.

Pay Attention to Truck Clearance

Do not drive under an awning, bridge or overpass unless you know your equipment will fit.

Report Unsafe Behavior

Report any unsafe behavior you witness from a team driver, coworker or supervisor.

Check Equipment

Inspect equipment before, during, and after every driving shift.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Never use alcohol or drugs while driving. You should not consume even a drop of alcohol within 24 hours of potentially driving.

Scan Your Mirrors

C.R. England policy is to scan your mirrors every 5-8 seconds. Pay extra attention to your mirrors while in a parking lot or making a right or left hand turn. While looking in your mirrors pay attention to your tandems and where they are tracking. Never let an object get between your line of sight and your tandems. If you lose sight of your tandems stop immediately, get out and look if safe to do so, and determine the best way to proceed.

C.R. England is consistently committed to making our roadways and communities a safer place to be. By prioritizing safety, the trucking industry at large ensures the well-being of everyone on the road and maintains the integrity of transportation networks, fostering a secure environment for all.

While safety is just part of our culture, learn more about who we are at C.R. England here, and earn more about our commitment to safety, here!

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