Still Trucking — Meet Our Super Senior, Gene England

“Gene is probably one of the most friendliest people in the whole world you’ll ever meet,” says Aaron Shepherd, VP of Marketing and Safety at C.R. England. Gene England recently turned 104 years young and he’s still not slowing down. With the help of the TODAY Show, Gene’s life is put on full display while C.R. England continues to grow in the Freight Shipping Service market.

Born one year before C.R. England was founded in 1920, Gene has been a staple in C.R. England’s operations for decades. However, helping make C.R. England a leader in the Freight Shipping Service space didn’t happen overnight.

A trucking and transportation giant of the industry, He met with the TODAY Show a few years ago to talk about how he keeps trucking through 100 and beyond.

Freight Shipping Service

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