You have linked to this disclaimer and information page from a C.R. England job board posting or CareerTrak page.   The job information and data provided on any of those sites are for informational purposes only, are based in whole or in part on estimates, and do not represent any type of promise or prediction of future performance or employment.  Actual pay, miles, and home time will vary depending on individual factors and circumstances, and all of the information and data contained on any C.R. England job board posting or CareerTrak page is subject to change without notice.  Individual driver results will vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to, tenured-based pay rates, fleet assignment, how much a driver works, how many miles a driver drives, and jurisdictional considerations.  PAST PERFORMANCE AND THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON ANY C.R. ENGLAND JOB BOARD POSTING OR CAREERTRAK PAGE ARE NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE PAY RESULTS, MILES, OR HOME TIME.  ANY AMOUNTS IN ANY CATEGORIES ON ANY OF THOSE SITES WILL NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE RESULTS.  If a driver is or becomes employed by C.R. England and is assigned to a fleet, the fleet will have a set of Driver Understandings specific to that fleet.  To the extent there is any difference between the information and data contained in the applicable Driver Understandings and the information and data contained elsewhere, the Driver Understandings shall generally govern.  Drivers are responsible for reviewing and following their respective fleets’ Driver Understandings as updated.

Additional Detail about Training Period Calculations: The Training period consists of a minimum of 180 hours behind the wheel, which takes approximately 1 month. The estimate of average pay in Training is based on full-time weeks for drivers from April 2016 to March 2017.

Additional Detail about Phase 2 & P2 Lead Calculations: Apprentices who complete Upgrade from Phase 1 will now go into Phase 2 training and team with a Lead driver. Once Phase 2 is complete, Second Seats can qualify to become a Lead driver upon meeting requirements. The Phase 2 & P2 Lead weekly pay estimates are based on average weekly team-dispatched miles of full-time weeks for National & Regional employees in their first 5 months after upgrade from Training (excluding experienced hires) from April 2016 to March 2017. Mileage averages are multiplied by the rate per mile applicable to each month, plus average additional accessorial pay from the same period. In some instances, depending upon your skill set or available positions, you may be promoted to a Dedicated, Regional, or Intermodal opportunity, where you will receive a pay rate specific to such opportunity rather than standard pay.

Job Data and Information are based on Full-time Drivers: Full-time weeks are defined as 30 or more hours in a pay period. Outliers, defined as anything outside of 2 standard deviations from the average, are excluded. Your actual pay will vary from these estimates depending on many factors, which may include tenure-based pay rates, your fleet, how hard you work, and how much you drive, among other factors.  Similarly, any mileage or home time estimates are based on full-time driving situations and will vary per individual driver.

Job Data and Information are also Aggregated Snapshots based on Experienced (1+ Year) Drivers: The pay estimates for driver positions are based on average employee driver pay between April 2016 to March 2017.  For categories other than Training and Phase 2/P2 Lead categories, the estimates are also based on drivers averaging at least 30 hours per week with at least 1 year experience with C.R. England. Local drivers are excluded from the National & Regional averages.

Additional Detail about Effective Pay Per Mile:  Effective Pay Per Mile is calculated by dividing total gross income by miles in the pay periods included. Miles are defined as Rand McNally short miles between origin and destination locations.