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Chester R. England began hauling potatoes in northern Utah and southern Idaho in 1920. The consummate entrepreneur, he found innovative ways to move food and freight throughout the Intermountain West in the days where paved roads and trucking were still very new ideas.

Joined later by his sons Gene and Bill, C.R. England became the first carrier to offer 72 hour coast to coast refrigerated food delivery. In the days before the interstate system, this was unheard of.

Today, after having grown to a $1 billion global transportation company, CR England now operates in North America, China, and beyond. 





C.R. England realizes that its employees need time away from work to rest, relax and pursue personal interests. Therefore paid vacation time will be provided to employees according to your work group guidelines.
Since there are many employee categories (office, shop, drivers, salary, hourly and by the mile) as well as a number of subsidiaries in the company with various vacation policies. It’s not feasible to list all vacation policies here. For the vacation policy applicable to you including eligibility, accrual, carryover and scheduling, please contact your immediate supervisor.


C.R. England offers its employees participation in a 401K Retirement Plan. This plan allows employees to deduct from their paycheck's pre-tax contributions for their retirement. This money will be invested and managed by Fidelity Investment [], a leading investment management firm. The company encourages retirement savings by matching a portion of the employees’ contributions. Contributing to your 401K retirement plan is an excellent way to save on a tax-deferred basis until your retirement. You can contribute from 1% to 60% of your eligible pretax compensation to your 401K plan account. You have a choice of a number of mutual funds in which to invest your account savings.


After you have been employed by C.R. England for one year, the company makes matching contribution to your 401K
plan. The company’s matching contribution becomes vested over a five-year period at the rate of 20% per year. In other words, after two years of employment, 20% of the company’s match is vested; after three years of employment, 40% of the company’s match becomes vested and so forth until after six years of employment when 100% of the company’s match will be vested. The current company match rate is 50% of your first 3% of eligible compensation that you contribute to your 401K retirement plan account. The company’s match percentage rate and vesting schedule are subject to change.
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