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We are excited to introduce to you, Work Safe Home Safe. Work Safe Home Safe is a new safety program that will be implemented with every team member within C.R. England. As we continue to apply our mission and core values throughout our company, we know that safety is our first priority. This program will help guide us in creating and maintaining a culture dedicated to the safety of our employees, our families, and the public.

Work Safe Home Safe is not just about being safe at work. It’s about coming home safely to your loved ones and providing comfort to your families while you are away.  It’s knowing that each individual throughout the company is committed to your safety and everyone’s safety around you. Our vision is for everyone to take part in creating a safe working environment that allows each person to go home safely to his or her family. It is to help you remember, if I work safe then I will get home safe.

Work Safe Home Safe is designed to help everyone be personally responsible for their own safety, as they look out for the well-being of one another. This culture will help empower every team member at C.R. England to achieve excellence in safety. To live Work Safe = Home Safe, we need to follow these three principles.

Stop Unsafe Behavior by making deliberate choices that put safety first. Each decision begins with safety in mind.

Be cautious, be vocal by identifying unsafe behaviors and having the courage to speak up and address them. 

Proceed with care for others by completing each activity knowing that safety was placed above all else. 

With your help, we can create an atmosphere of mutual caring and personal responsibility that will help empower every team member at C.R. England to achieve excellence in safety for our company and for each other. Take the pledge today for you and your loved ones  click here.