Fontana, California

Truck Driving School in Fontana California

Welcome to C.R. England. We look forward to you joining our company in Fontana, California as a professional truck driver.

10691 Poplar Ave
Fontana, CA 92337
(888) 254-0654
School Manager:Contact:
Terry Jaco (951) 332-3939

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Prepare for The Fontana School

Driving Directions

The Fontana School is located in Fontana, California on Poplar Ave. You will be staying at the Red Tile Inn located at 1311 R V Center Drive; Colton, CA 92324. (2 students per room). In order to get to the motel from the San Bernardino Greyhound Bus Stop you will need to call Yellow Cab at (909) 622-1313. The cost is about $25.00 and you will be reimbursed on your first paycheck.

Driver Requirements:

A general outline of the requirements for a truck driving school candidate are listed below. For more information regarding these requirements, please call (800) 421-9004.

  • Be at least 21 years old.
    • Those 23 years old and younger need to have a clean driving record.
  • Have a satisfactory employment record.
  • Complete all portions of the driver application, including:
    • Three years of employment history.
    • Phone numbers with area code for all employment history.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Pass a mandatory drug screen.
  • Be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical from a doctor at the direction of C.R. England.
  • Have results of the physical that meet minimum standards, including:
    • A blood pressure rating of 140/90 or less.
    • An eyesight rating of 20/40 or better.
    • A horizontal field of vision rating of no less than 80 degrees.
  • Pass a C.R. England road test.
  • Show an original Social Security Card that:
    • Has not been laminated
    • Has not been copied
  • Understand that firearms are strictly forbidden on C.R. England property.
  • Meet criminal record policy requirements.

For more information, please call a recruiter at (800) 421-9004

Before You Arrive

Before you arrive we have developed this guide to help you understand the process of becoming a professional truck driver. Reading and following this guide will give you the information necessary to make a smooth transition to becoming a driver with C.R. England.

Prior to attending a C.R. England partner truck driving school or orientation, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

  1. Go on the Internet to the following web address to test your eye sight:

    Click HOTV chart and print out the chart. Follow the directions on the web site to test each eye. Once you complete the test you must be able to read the 20/30 line in each eye to pass the test.

    If you are unable to pass this test you will not be able to get your driving permit and will be sent home. You will need to get your eyes tested and either update your current lens prescription or get glasses to pass the test.
  2. Go to a drug store or super market that provides a free blood pressure test and check your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is above 140/90 you will need to see a doctor prior to coming to the school.
  3. If you do not currently have a CDL(Commercial Driver's License) go to your local Department of Motor Vehicle and pick up a CDL manual or go to the internet at the following address and print out a CDL manual:

In order to pass the CDL permit test so we can begin training you in a truck, it is necessary you read and study the necessary sections in this manual prior to arrival at the School. The sections you need to print out and study are sections one through six.

After you study, you can test your knowledge with C.R. England's online practice tests. Click the link below:
CDL practice test

*If that test does not work try this version:

Things You Need To Bring

Inexperienced Driver/Student Check List
If you currently do not hold a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) or you completed a CDL training program and have not driven in the last six months, you will be required to attend our driving school.

  • Social Security Card - Blue Card only, not laminated
  • Your current driver's license
  • $70.00 CDL Permit fee
  • Enough money for food and necessities until your first paycheck (Approx. 30 days)
  • List of Social Security Numbers of your spouse and children for health insurance
  • A valid Work Permit if you are not a US citizen
  • Voided check if you want your paycheck direct deposited
  • Bedding (twin sheet and blanket or sleeping bag)
  • Pillow
  • Enough Clothes for at least one week (Be sure to include coat, hat and gloves. Much of the training is done in the outdoors.)
  • Toiletries: Towels, soaps, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, razor, etc.
  • CDL Manual (See online information in the Before You Arrive Section)
  • Flashlight, pens/pencils, notepad
  • Alarm Clock

Only bring what you need during your school and training period. There is limited space for storage and in the truck with your trainer. Limit is two bags plus your bedding. You can pick up the remainder of your possessions, once you are in your own truck during home time.

Traveling Information

Once you have been scheduled into the Fontana Facility your recruiter will give you a confirmation number for your Greyhound Bus Ticket. Since many of the Greyhound stations ticket offices are closed on the weekend, it is recommended you pick up your ticket prior to the travel date.

If you are unable to make the bus scheduled notify your recruiter immediately.

Once You Arrive in Fontana

Once you arrive at the Greyhound bus station in San Bernardino you will need to call Yellow Cab at (909) 888-0666 and ask to be taken to the Red Tile Inn. The cost is about $25.00 and you will be reimbursed on your first paycheck. Check into your room. At this time you will receive a packet with instructions for your training. Be in the lobby at 6:00 a.m. and a shuttle will pick you up for the school.

What to Expect

With this fast-paced truck driver training program, you will accomplish great things by the end of the first week. Students of the training program will find that, although demanding, the course is also very rewarding.

During the first week of class, you will meet your instructor and learn about the safety procedures, mechanical operations, and log requirements of truck driving. There may be homework every day throughout the program, but you will find that the more you work, the sooner you will accomplish your goals.

Of course the real fun starts when you get in the trucks. After attending classroom instruction, your time spent in the trucks will teach you how to:

  • Turn the tractor-trailer.
  • Handle railroad crossings and intersections.
  • Drive in city and highway traffic.
  • Back up the tractor-trailer.
  • Couple and uncouple the tractor to the trailer.
  • Inspect your equipment, including the complete pre-trip inspection.
  • Test your brakes.

After successful completion of the C.R. England truck driving training course and upon meeting our hiring requirements, you will be hired, receive your CDL, and be assigned to a certified Over-the-Road Driver Trainer. With your trainer, you will be given opportunities to gain a personal understanding of your new career and have the valuable information you learned in class reinforced through first-hand driving experience.

Training Timeline

C.R. England offers aspiring and experienced truck drivers the opportunity to drive their way to a successful career. We offer diverse options to choose from and help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Upon successful completion of your schooling and upon meeting our hiring requirements, you will be hired and provided with paid on-the-job training with a professional trainer. Your training will take place in two phases and ensures that you receive the most comprehensive training in the industry.

Phase 1 Training

Training consists of team driving with a professional Trainer or driver mentor for approximately one month (165-180 driving hours). You will have a trainer by your side each step of the way who is committed to your success. During training, you will also begin deciding the direction you want to take your career, such as train the next generation of drivers, team with a partner or friend, or enjoy the unmatched freedom of the open road.

Phase 2 Training

Once you have completed Training, the next step in your career will be Phase 2. Apprentices who complete Upgrade from Phase 1 will go into Phase 2 training and team with a Lead driver. This allows new drivers to continue their education and training with a more experienced driver. During this period, Phase 2 Second Seats will refine their skills and work with their Career Counselor to plan their driving future. Phase 2 Training will take an average time of a month and a half to complete and will last until their desired position becomes available and they’ve completed the Phase 2 upgrade requirements.

Once you begin Phase 2, you will be able to request home time. C.R. England values the work/family balance of our drivers and we will make every effort to get you home within two weeks of your request.

Once you have completed your training program you have many options available:

  • Train to become a Phase 2 Lead and Phase 2 Advanced Lead and earn a great pay increase.
  • Become a Trainer in the National, Regional or Dedicated divisions. Our Trainers are some of the best paid drivers in the industry earning great income and bonus opportunities, they enjoy high miles and they are considered some of the most skilled and qualified drivers on the road.  
  • Team in our National, Regional or Dedicated divisions where you can enjoy high miles and competitive pay with a stable company.
  • Become a Solo driver in our National, Regional or Dedicated division and receive a steady income.
  • Join our Intermodal team with high pay potential and frequent home time

For more information, please call (800) 421-9004.

Inexperienced Drivers/C.R. England Partner School Information

School in Fontana begins on Monday. Transportation and housing are provided while you are in school.

School is 17 days in length including orientation and will prepare you to successfully pass the CDL exam and become a professional truck driver. Our curriculum is the best in the industry and qualified instructors will guide you through the program. The mixture of classroom and on truck training will prepare you for a career with C.R. England.

During school you will be given a pre-hire interview and a physical and drug test.

Those students that do not have a current CDL will be hired the day before they take the California CDL test and will be paid minimum wage for two days and then begin their training pay. Those students in the school that currently have a CDL license will be hired upon completion of the school and orientation. Your first payday will be the second Tuesday after you are hired.

For more information, please call (800) 421-9004