Revised Number Shows Twice as Many Jobs in October

The trucking industry has never been in serious decline, yet hiring numbers in the U.S. were not all that impressive through the first half of 2016. Things have certainly changed. Companies like C.R. England have been hiring large numbers of drivers since mid-summer. So much so that the total number of new jobs within the industry in October set a new record.

The U.S. Department of Labor originally said that 3,000 jobs were added in October. However, they revised those numbers in early December. It turns out that the real total was more than double at 6,800. When you add the 1,100 jobs created in November, you get a total of more than 1.45 million currently active trucking jobs in America. That's more than 19% higher than in March 2010, according to Fleet Owner.

Making the numbers even more impressive is the fact that just 178,000 total jobs were added to the U.S. economy in November. Even if we discount the October numbers, the number of new trucking jobs added last month is just under 1% of the total. When you consider the entirety of the transportation and warehousing sectors together, they gained 8,900 jobs in November, representing some 5% of the total.

Nowhere to Go But Up

C.R. England is encouraged by the employment numbers for the trucking industry. From our perspective, there's nowhere for us to go but up. An expanding U.S. economy means a greater demand for raw and finished goods that all have to be transported by truck. Everything from food products to consumer electronics gets to store shelves by way of trucks, so more economic activity is very good for our industry.

Tempering the good news about hiring are ongoing concerns about the total number of truck driving jobs left unfilled. The shortage continues to number in the tens of thousands, and things are not likely to change unless there is a very large and unforeseen influx of new drivers in numbers significant enough to account for those who will retire over the next several years.

So how do we address the driver shortage? C.R. England is doing its part by offering commercial driver’s license school applicants an opportunity to train with us through our partner, Premier Truck Driving Schools. Drivers who complete their training with Premier are guaranteed a job with C.R. England provided they meet the remainder of our hiring requirements.

C.R. England also offers competitive pay and late-model equipment. We believe in treating our drivers well, knowing they will treat our customers well in return. By being as competitive as we can be, we are filling our ranks with some of the most talented company drivers, independent contractors, and driving teams out there.

Reasons to Consider Truck Driving

The number of new truck drivers needed by the industry will only continue to increase as the economy strengthens. If you are looking for a new career, we believe there are several great reasons to consider truck driving. First is job security. Do your job well, and you should have no trouble remaining employed throughout your entire career. Second, truck driving is very competitive in terms of salary and benefits. Third, driving a truck is an opportunity to make a living without being stuck in an office or factory all day.

C.R. England is always looking to bring new drivers into our organization. If you're ready to take advantage of the growing economy by pursuing a career in truck driving, we want to speak with you. Contact us and let's talk.


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