Regional Truck Driving

CR England is one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in the nation. With their highly developed OTR fleet, England reaches coast to coast. There is a lot to be said about over the road trucking. Indeed, it is what most people think of when they think of truck driving jobs; sleeping in the cab for weeks on end, driving across the nation and seeing many different states. However, OTR isn’t the only type of truck driving out there.

Did you know that there are some truck driving jobs that don’t keep you away all the time or that don’t make you drive from California to New York? Did you know there are truck driving options? If you have always wanted a truck driving job, but have been skeptic about OTR, there is still hope.

Many trucking companies, CR England included, have more choices for drivers than OTR trucking. They also have various Divisional lanes including a Regional lane. CR England’s Regional lane provides drivers with the opportunity to enjoy the life of a truck driver while being able to stay on one side of the continent.

With England’s Regional lane, you are assigned to a set section of the United States and you don’t go outside of your assigned area. Usually, the assigned area covers about 5 or 6 states and you only drive between those states.

One of the benefits of driving Regional is that you are able to become more familiar with your route. While you are carrying loads for different customers, you will not be leaving your designated region. Some Regional truck driving divisions also allow drivers to be home more often than OTR driving. However, this is on a case by case basis and there are still plenty of others that provide drivers with the opportunity to be out on the road, hitting those miles just as much as any over the road truck driving job.

Regional truck driving is a great option for those drivers who want a change from OTR and is just one of CR England’s many truck driving options. To see more truck driving opportunities with CR England, visit our webpage on Dedicated Division.