CR England Students Speak Up

CR England has been operating for over 90 years and during that time has continually provided jobs for both experienced and inexperienced truck drivers. Through C.R. England’s Premier Truck Driving School, the company is also able to train and hire applicants who didn’t yet have a CDL. Many students have been through England’s truck driving school, and through a mixture of classroom and hands on training have found their way onto the road with their CDL in hand.

With so many students coming and going, a lot has been said about CR England’s Premier Truck Driving School. To get a better idea of what actual students think and what their experience was like, we provided a few graduating classes from each of our five schools with a survey. Below are some reviews of CR England’s Premier Truck Driving School by actual students who have been through school and received their CDLs.


Going to school at C.R. England was a great learning experience


In the beginning I thought it was a little too much to absorb, but at the end I felt that with the time we had, they have prepared me well to get on the road with my trainer. Thumbs up!


My school experience was good, especially in such a short period of time. It was a great opportunity that taught me how to work my way up before I even start.


I loved it! It was so helpful. Thank you so much for giving me a chance.


This school is a great school! Having my CLD and coming here, I learned a lot more and I’m more confident with driving than I ever was before.


In my time at school I really learned to drive well. My yard instructor James was awesome, I really liked him and he taught me a lot about braking and helped me during my yard exercises. My road instructor, Greg, showed me how to shift and really control the truck. He was very patient and not rude to me or any of the other students.

If anyone wants to learn how to drive, this school is the place to go. The trainers show you step by step how to get your CDL. They are awesome, I give them a big thanks for teaching me and helping me get my CDL. See you on the road!


It was a bit tough and I was tired a lot, but in the end it was worth it. Thank you!


The school instructors were great and treated everyone well. The only ones with complaints were those who were trying to slide though and weren’t taking it seriously.