OTR Truck Driving Jobs

OTR Truck Driving Jobs Keep America Moving

Have you ever wondered why there are so many trucks traversing the nation's highways and interstates? It is because trucks move the vast majority of cargo and consumer goods we have become accustomed to having at our disposal. It goes without saying that over-the-road (OTR) truck driving jobs keep America moving by keeping our economy moving.

Truck drivers are highly skilled individuals with the ability to concentrate, deal with all sorts of inclement weather, navigate mile after mile of unfamiliar roads and, through it all, pay attention to all the little details that make truck driving both safe and efficient.

Training and Experience

C.R. England's nearly 100 years in the trucking industry have taught us that OTR truck driving jobs are all about training and experience. The initial training a driver receives in CDL school and on the job only begins the process that eventually results in a veteran driver capable of handling just about anything thrown at him/her. Yet it is the real world experience after training that makes a driver who he or she is.

It has been our experience that those drivers who withstand the many challenges associated with young driving careers go on to be among the most dependable and trustworthy. They are the ones who make our industry what it is. They are also the ones most willing to say that OTR truck driving jobs are well worth having.

Truck drivers earn an excellent living in most parts of the U.S. OTR truck driving jobs pay well, due to the number of miles driven and the time spent away from home, but even regional and local drivers do very well financially. The good news is that compensation is only increasing as the driver shortage in this country continues to grow. Companies are finding they need to be ever-more competitive in order to hire and retain the best drivers.

OTR truck driving jobs are available across the country to those who want them. If truck driving is something that interests you, we encourage you to contact C.R. England and speak to one of our recruiters.