Driver Trainers and Mentors

Driver Trainers and Mentors: Critical to New Truck Drivers

As one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in America, C.R. England is intimately familiar with what it takes to get a brand-new driver from the start of his or her training into a role as a veteran driver helping others entering the industry. It takes a lot of training, commitment, and career development. Driver trainers and mentors are a big part of the process.

We would go so far as to say driver trainers and mentors are critical to new truck drivers inasmuch as what they do has a very significant impact on the future of those they work with. We firmly believe that our trainers and mentors are an indispensable part of our team.

What They Do

There is no better teacher in the world than experience. Likewise, no new driver completes his or her initial CDL training and is then fully prepared to be a safe and responsible driver. Why? Because there is only so much you can teach in a controlled school setting. Most of what a driver learns throughout his or her career is learned on the road.

Driver trainers play a significant role in driver development by running with new drivers during the earliest days of employment. The trainer sits in the truck, giving advice and instruction, mile after mile. The knowledge and experience imparted by a good driver trainer will set the stage for the remainder of the new driver's career.

Mentors pick up where driver trainers leave off by helping to guide new drivers through the early stages of career development. In fact, mentoring goes above and beyond just the practical skills and knowledge it takes to drive a truck. It also includes helping drivers learn to manage their schedules, plan their routes, work effectively with managers and dispatchers, and keep customers happy at every turn.

C.R. England believes our driver trainers and mentors are vital to our success as a company. Therefore, we refuse to operate without them. We know that a solid training and mentoring team can transform greenhorns from unskilled drivers into the dedicated professionals we need to provide the service our customers expect.

As a new C.R. England driver, you can depend on your trainers and mentors to help you learn the ropes. As a trainer or mentor, you can count on us for stable employment and plenty of opportunities to be the best.