CDL School Instructors

What You Need to Know about CDL School Instructors

Every truck driving career begins with a stint at a CDL school. Training with a reputable school prepares a new driver to enter the trucking career by teaching him or her the practical skills and knowledge necessary to pass a state CDL exam. But any CDL school is only as good as its instructors. We would even make the case that the quality of CDL school instructors providing training to our drivers directly affects the success of our business.

With that knowledge, we believe there are a few key things you need to know about CDL instructors. This knowledge is essential whether you are thinking of becoming an instructor or driver.

#1 – Preparation Is Their Mission

CDL school instructors have but one function: to prepare students for their CDL exams by providing them with the knowledge, information, and skills they need to pass. Instructors cannot take tests on behalf of students, nor can they merely will those students to do well on their exams. They impart skills and knowledge; it is up to individual students to apply what they learn when exam time comes.

#2 – Instructors Care about Their Students

There are certainly bad apples in every industry. But by and large, CDL school instructors genuinely care about their students and their futures. They know they are training the next generation of truck drivers with every class that passes through their doors. Above all, instructors want those students to go on to be safe drivers who earn a living while still making it home safely every night. We appreciate all of the effort and hard work CDL school instructors put into our drivers.

#3 – Some Are Experienced, Others Are Not

It is important to note that some CDL school instructors have real-world experience behind the wheel, others do not. A lack of real-world experience is not necessarily a deal breaker for someone looking for quality training, but experience does go a long way in a training environment. We personally prefer to work with experienced instructors whenever possible.

C.R. England appreciates everything the nation's CDL school instructors do for our drivers. We believe it is vitally important that the industry hire and retain the best instructors possible. Otherwise, our CDL schools will not be able to produce the kind of drivers we need to keep the trucking and logistics industries rolling along.