C.R. England Sales Team

Our sales team is committed to meeting your needs by delivering a diversified portfolio of transportation solutions, increased capacity, and innovative technologies. For more information, contact one of our sales team members from the list below.

Ricky Stover
Phone: (801) 656-4457
Email: Ricky.Stover@crengland.com

Joe Stevens, National Accounts, West
Phone: (801)977-6648
Email: joe.stevens@crengland.com

Fabio Comes
Phone: (801) 974-2747
Email: Fabio.Comes@crengland.com

Steve Morton 
Phone: (801) 974-2678
Email: Steve.Morton@crengland.com

Rob Erspamer
Phone: (801) 238-1490
Email: Robert.Erspamer@crengland.com

Crysta Rupramka
Phone: (801) 974-2760
Email: Crysta.Rupramka@crengland.com

John DeLong
Phone: (801) 977-5796
Email: John.Delong@crengland.com

Melanie Kunz
Phone: (801) 238-1437
Email: Melanie.Kunz@crengland.com

Mary Palmer
Phone: (801) 974-2794
Email: Mary.Palmer@crengland.com

Paul Doller, National Accounts, East
Phone: (801) 238-1300
Email: paul.doller@crengland.com

Kim Cioffi
Phone: (801) 238-1493
Email: Kim.Cioffi@crengland.com

Ron Williamson
Phone: (801) 974-2788
Email: Ron.Williamson@crengland.com

Brett Saddler
Phone: (801) 977-6649
Email: Brett.Saddler@crengland.com

Marino Diaz - (Mexico Region)
Phone: (801) 974-2795
Email: Marino.Diaz@crengland.com