C.R. England Intermodal

C.R. England, the world’s largest refrigerated transportation provider, has developed strategic partnerships with America’s premier railroads to open up essential intermodal capacity across the most important shipping lanes in the country. These alliances are responsible for rapidly building and deploying what has become the nation’s largest domestic refrigerated intermodal container (COFC) fleet, supported by C.R. England owned and operated lightweight drayage trucks. This drayage fleet provides the capacity to efficiently and effectively move loads between rail ramps and their final destinations.  

TempStack is the innovative, temperature-controlled intermodal network from C.R. England that offers significant cost savings, on-demand capacity, and a reduced carbon footprint for perishable cargo. TempStack container-on-flatcar (COFC) technology double-stacks two high-volume reefer containers on a railroad flatcar. With an extensive network, real-time load monitoring and an aggressive rate structure, TempStack delivers competitively priced door-to-door shipping solutions that compromise neither quality nor service.