C.R. England Dedicated

Cost containment and continuous improvement are crucial for you to accomplish your company's objectives in today's marketplace.  Adding transportation management to the list of your core competencies adds an extra level of complexity and challenges.  Since 1920, C.R. England Dedicated, has provided overall transportation and fleet management experience that can assist you in accomplishing your distribution network objectives.  Whether your company is large or small, operating in a single or in multiple locations, managing interplant or customer direct shipments, we know how to support you in streamlining your supply chain.  Partnership with C.R. England Dedicated allows you to maintain complete control of your business.

C.R. England Dedicated services:

  • Private fleet replacement
  • Optimized capacity and service-based solutions
  • Solution-driven equipment configurations

Benefits of using C.R. England Dedicated:

  • Consistent superior customer service
  • Excellent on-time delivery performance
  • Captured capacity
  • No fleet-related capital expenditures
  • New equipment
  • Trained professional drivers
  • Industry-leading start-up times
  • Network back-up and surge capacity