California Truck Driving School

Premier Truck Driving School
Of Fontana, California

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Premier Truck Driving School
10691 Poplar Ave.
Fontana, CA 92337

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School Manager:
Terry Jaco


Welcome To Fontana


I am Terry Jaco. I am the Director of Premier Truck Driving School in Fontana, CA. I would like to thank you for choosing C R England to start your career as a Commercial Truck Driver. I think you will find that Premier Truck Driving School is not just a name, but our description as well. We are California’s “premier” truck driving school.

I have lived in Southern California all of my life, and have been in the trucking business for over 30 years, with 21 years in the “truck school” business. After working for several truck schools I realized that most schools really didn’t know what trucking companies were actually looking for in new drivers. It’s true, they knew that they needed drivers with a CDL, but beyond that, they did not have much of a clue of what to teach you. So, they taught you how to get a license. Period.

In 1998 I met Wayne Cederholm, who offered me the opportunity to help create and develop what is now Premier Truck Driving School. What you will find at Premier is that we care about much more than just getting you a license. Our mission is to help you obtain your goals through our training, and employment with C.R. England. 

It is my goal to provide you with a training environment that is not only relaxed and enjoyable, but offer the best in education for your new career.

I look forward to seeing you at Premier Truck Driving School soon,

Terry Jaco

Meet the Staff


Office staffFontana Office Staff From Left to Right, Jayne Christopher, Shawn Bautista, Marcy Rivers, As our Placement Coordinator, is responsible for getting you assigned to a truck, and trainer if necessary, as quickly as possible upon completion of school. Shawn Bautista, and Marcy Rivers are our Administrative Assistants that will assist you in completing all documents to ensure you are compliant with federal and DMV regulations, and company policy. They are here to assist you with the transition from being a student to a driver.


Jerry Cheatwood ~ Lead Instructor Jerry’s responsibilities include maintaining instructional staffs of over 20 instructors that will teach you the fundamental skills necessary to ensure that you have the opportunity become a safe, competent driver for CR England. Jerry’s job is not just the management and training of instructors, but his real commitment is to you. He is personally involved in every students training through constant monitoring of their progress, and can often be found in the trucks training and/or evaluating a student’s progress.