Truck Stop Scanning

Transflo Express / TMI Truck Stop Scanning

C.R. England has contracted with Pegasus TransTech’s TRANSFLO Express and TripPak Scanning (TMI) to get all of your documents in easier, with more certainty, and faster than ever in the past. You will be able to get your trip information to us in a matter of hours instead of days.

While most of the time there are no problems with the envelope delivery process, things like weather, overnight pickup and delivery may sometimes be a factor. It is important that we provide you a better way to get in the documents that your settlement depends on. Times when paperwork is lost make it very difficult and time consuming to track down. This causes not only delays in pay to our contractors, but also lost revenue caused by down time due to lost paperwork.

Combined, TRANSFLO Express and TMI will allow you to have your documents scanned at over 800 truck stop locations throughout the country, and get immediate confirmation that the documents have been sent. In addition, for 14 days you will be able to log on to the Internet and not only view your documents, but also see exactly when they were delivered to C.R. England. This process is integrated with our billing and payroll systems, helping to ensure accurate, on-time settlement of your trips.
How does it work? The simple answer is that you will fill out your trip envelope, place the documents you normally mail in a neat stack behind the trip envelope, Tape (same type of receipts) to a piece of paper, provided by truck stop, and simply hand it to the cashier at the fuel desk at one of the 800+ scan stations located in truck stops nationwide. The cashier will scan your documents, print a receipt, and hand your paperwork and receipt back to you immediately after scanning. Verify that the number of items equals the number on your receipt. You will not pay anything at the truck stop for this service. C.R. England will pay those fees.

C.R. England has partnered with TMI on an in-cab scanning process. This has turned out to be a great tool for our drivers. Many have commented on the time savings both at the truck stops and meeting payroll deadlines. Another big advantage was out of route miles looking for a stop that has scanning capabilities. The Driver must have their own laptop and TMI scanners are available in the Driver store. They are very easy and TMI provides support to anyone needing help. Contact info comes with the scanners. The attached information sheets will provide more details on the process, further explain the benefits, and answer many of the questions you may have. Please read the information carefully, and if you have additional questions, please contact your dispatcher. 

The benefits:

  • You will be in total control of your documents. 
  • You will no longer have to hand your documents off to someone else hoping they do not get lost.
  • You will keep your original paperwork until the time comes to discard it properly. 
  • You will be able to confirm that your bills made it to payroll by the payroll cut off date. 
  • You will know your documents have been sent because you will get a confirmation number immediately after scanning.
  • You will no longer have to make copies before sending your documents in.

There are certain simple procedures that need to be followed in order for you to get paid promptly on your trips.  Please be sure to read BOTH sides of this document and make sure you understand what you are supposed to do.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your fleet manager.

  1. Do not cover or mark on or near the bar codes. This will cause the truck stop to request additional information from you. If there is a mark of any kind on the bar codes, use a new Trip Envelope.
  2. Be sure and fill out the entire Trip Envelope. 
  3. Please write clearly to ensure no delays in payroll. 
  4. If you have reimbursable expenses, be sure and list them here.  Also note any other costs or expenses as listed.
  5. The TRIP ENVELOPE SHOULD BE SCANNED FIRST EACH TIME. All other documents should be scanned in the order provided in the instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do I scan the documents? The documents can be scanned at any PILOT, LOVE’S, Bosselman’s, Town Pump, and Over 300 Locations in your Trippak Services Directory.  As truck stops are added to the network, you will be notified.
  2. Will I have to do the scanning? NO.  The attendant has been trained to do it for you.  All you have to do is present the documents in the correct order, facing the right direction, unfolded, and without staples or paper clips.
  3. When can I scan? As quickly as you can after you deliver. DO NOT TURN IN A TRIP ENVELOPE IF YOU SCAN!
  4. What do I have to scan?  Filled out Trip Envelope, All SIGNED BILLS OF LADING, Delivery receipts, Logs and any other receipt related to your trip OTHER than fuel receipts.
  5. Should I scan my logs? Yes If you Use Truck Stop Scanning, otherwise send them in with your trip envelope.  Do not do both!
  6. What about violations/tickets?  These must be done BOTH by scanning and by mailing these documents directly to Safety.  Do not use a Trippak!  Address is 4701 West 2100 South, SLC, UT. 84120 
  7. What if the documents are too large for the scanner?   Most scanners will accept documents up to 10 x 14. If the trip has documents larger that 10 x 14, call your driver manager for instructions.
  8. What do I do with the documents once they are scanned?   Keep all documents for 30 days.
  9. What if the company can’t read the document? Toll tickets are small, and not always clearly readable.  Be sure and write your trip number on the ticket.  Do not write over any information on the ticket.  Keep the receipt in case you are asked for the original.  Billing documents will be addressed on an as-needed basis.
  10. Do I have to pay for this service? No.
  11. Do I get a receipt?   You will get a receipt that will look like the example to the right.  Be sure to keep the receipt with the original
    paperwork.  This receipt also has tracking number.  As long as you have that receipt, the images can be tracked if, for some reason,
    there is a question that needs to be answered.  Keep this receipt
  12. How do I know the company received the paperwork? You can view your images for 14 days by logging on to  Once there, click on the link at the top that says “View Documents”.  You simply type the confirmation number into the boxes provided and press submit.  When the screen appears with the confirmation number, you should see “DELIVERED” beside it.  This means it has been delivered to the image system at the corporate office.  You may also view the documents from this screen. OR…  Once there about ¾  down on the left hand side you will see a link that says Driver view Type in confirmation number and press enter, you will then have options to view  documents.
  13. Who do I call if I have problems? If you have any problems that cannot be resolved at the truck stop, call your driver manager.  Be sure and have as much information as possible, including the store location, name of cashier, and the date and time to help get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.  If you do scan something, the confirmation number is also helpful. You will still have the option to drop your trip envelope in a Trippak Box.
  14. Should I tape small receipts?  Yes, tape small receipts to a regular sized sheet of paper using tape and paper provided at the truck stop.  Do not tape different types of receipts to the same page.  For example, do not tape a toll receipt and a weight ticket receipt to the same sheet of paper.
  15. How do I arrange the paperwork?  First, make sure that all pages are facing the same direction.  Then stack your documents in the following order:  Envelope, all BOL’s, Receipt’s & Logs
  16. How do I prepare my Trippak Envelope? The Trippak envelope you see may be used for any scanning application. Please fill it out as usual and please do not copy it, use only original prints. Even when printing make sure the Bar Code is clean and crisp (copy’s have a problem ensuring the integrity of the Bar Code). If the system cannot read the bar code it will not go to the proper workflow and payment will be delayed or worse. If you follow these simple steps this should make the process much easier. TripPak Express Form