Career Development

Since 1920, C.R. England has partnered with our drivers and independent contractors to help them meet their immediate career needs and to help shape their professional future as drivers.

We've developed many career choices for our drivers to enable them to enhance their career with C.R. England or as contractors of C.R. England. Once our drivers complete their driving school, get their CDLs and complete their training, there are a number of options for growing their driving careers with C.R. England.

Independent Contractors

If you own or lease your own truck, you can contract with C.R. England to haul freight. As an independent contractor you can earn $.90 to $1.53 per mile depending on the length of haul.

Join Our Workforce As A Company Driver

You can become a company driver and receive all the benefits of working for a large company.

Double Up as a Team Driver
You can apply with your spouse or friend, or we will team you with another employee who would like to driver as a team. You can earn more money team driving than you will as a solo driver. It is a great opportunity for new couples just starting out to build a nest egg. Mature couples, whose children have grown, can see the country and earn great money while doing it.

Phase 2
Once you become a fully upgraded company driver with C.R. England, you can become the first seat in our Phase 2 Program. The Phase 2 program is designed to "jump start" your career as company driver. The Phase 2 program is where you as a new company driver, are eligible to have a "second seat" driver to team with you while they are finishing their career advancement. This program is crafted for both you and the second seat to provide access to plentiful team miles and additional experience for a recent training graduate. This successful program has proven very profitable for both our company drivers and the second seat drivers.

Become a Driver Mentor

Get in the driver seat of your career today. Become a Phase 1 Mentor.  C.R. England offers this opportunity to both independent contractors and company drivers.

Why should you apply to become a Driver Mentor?

  • You run more miles which increases your earning potential
  • You receive priority on freight
  • You get to teach new drivers and become a mentor to a new driver
  • Mentors have the opportunity to impart their knowledge and skills to new drivers and teach them habits that they will need to be successful
  • You can feel safer on the road - there is safety in numbers

How it works:

  • All drivers wishing to become mentors must apply to the Training Department
  • The process takes approximately one week
  • You will receive approval of application via Qualcomm
  • If you are approved, please contact your Driver Manager who will arrange to route you to Salt Lake City, Utah or Burns Harbor, Indiana for your mentor class

To learn if you are a qualified candidate for the program or if you have any questions, please send a Macro 20 to Qualcomm 6612 or contact your Driver Manager.