Corporate Responsibility

C.R. England is passionate about sustainability and continually finding ways incorporate the environment and our community into our everyday business activities as well as our long term goals as safely as possible. We provide a distinctive approach to improving our sustainability through our testing, equipment enhancements, technological improvements, driver training programs, and alternative transportation modes. We take pride in bettering our communities in which we operate. We are driven to continually find ways to increase our fuel economy, drive efficiencies through economic accountability, grow responsibly and safely, and become a leader in corporate responsibility in the transportation industry.

C.R. England Mission Statement

In order for C.R. England to become and be known as the premier carrier in the transportation industry, we must:

Exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering exceptional service that surpasses their ever-changing transportation needs.

Operate so safely and courteously that we enhance the image of the trucking industry with the public and make safety our competitive advantage.

Achieve a level of financial performance that inspires the confidence of all our customers, provides a desirable quality of life for all of us at C.R. England, and enables us to continually improve the value of our service.

The accomplishment of our mission is entirely dependent on the commitment of our people. Together we must create a work environment wherein trust, mutual respect, and opportunity for personal fulfillment become a way of life for each member of the C.R. England team.