C.R. England Truck Driving Jobs

C.R. England - One of the nation's largest refrigerated trucking companies.

Refrigerated Carrier

Since 1920, C.R. England has been safely and effectively moving temperature-sensitive freight including dairy products, meats, fresh produce, beverages, and various chemicals. For more than 90 years, we have fulfilled our commitment to customers by combining top-of-the-line equipment with dedicated drivers and logistics staff. Each of our refrigerated trailers is equipped with temperature controlled reefer units to ensure constant temperature from start to finish. We offer long haul National truckload service, short and medium haul Regional service, service to and from Mexico, expedited priority rail service, and Dedicated service customized to meet the needs of individual customers. As always, our on-time service is competitively priced at every level.

Truck Driver Jobs

As one of the best in the business, C.R. England believes in the importance of retaining high-quality drivers in order to consistently deliver dependable and reliable service. To date, we have provided opportunities to more than 7,500 company drivers and independent contractors, all working together to move freight from coast-to-coast. Our clients have seen for themselves our commitment to drivers and the good results that such a commitment achieves.

In addition to company positions, C.R. England offers independent contractor opportunities for truck drivers who own or lease their equipment. We pride ourselves in helping our independent contractors enjoy the benefits of self-employment combined with the stability of a dedicated carrier committed to helping them succeed in their driving careers. We invite you to look into becoming a C.R. England independent contractor or company driver in the future.

Truck Driving Schools

Training is key if a company like C.R. England is to remain both competitive and safe. One of the ways we can be involved with training is to collaborate with an established truck driving school to train the new drivers of the future – and that's just what we do. C.R. England partners with Premier Truck Driving Schools and works with other network schools to provide CDL training for individuals just starting their careers. New drivers can attend one of our Premier Truck Driving Schools located around the country or another school in our network that may be closer to home. Those who complete their training and meet the rest of our hiring requirements are guaranteed a job upon graduation. By collaborating with our network of schools, we are able to directly contribute to the training of our drivers while offering them the experience needed to get started in the trucking industry.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment for Drivers

We are known for many good things, including the top-of-the-line equipment we provide our drivers. At C.R. England, we are committed to an ongoing program of utilizing state-of-the-art, late-model trucks and trailers that minimize downtime and maximize fuel economy. We are also committed to driver safety at every level. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety and communications technologies to reduce the risk posed to everyone on the roads.

Keeping all of this state-of-the-art equipment working properly is an army of repair and maintenance technicians who are all experts in their craft. They meticulously maintain each piece of equipment to the highest standards of safety and productivity. Our maintenance and repair staff are as important to the success of our company as anyone else is.

The Best Truck Jobs and CDL Jobs in the Industry

A career as a professional truck driver is one that offers competitive pay, daily challenges, adventure, and the opportunity to travel across the country. C.R. England has plenty of great jobs to offer. Our CDL positions offer competitive pay and benefits, along with the opportunity to train with Premier Truck Driving Schools or one of our network schools if you do not yet have your license. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in trucking, C.R. England is a great company to work for. We did not get to be the largest refrigerated trucking company in the nation by accident.